Stile Alpino is the international mountaineering magazine founded by a short  circle of mountaineers and limbers inside the group of “Ragni di Lecco” in 2009. The intuition was to Simone Pedeferri, best known climber who lives in Val di Mello, which told to Fabio Palma (then he was a “new entry” in the Lecco’s mountaineering club) the idea to produce a magazine that was the expression of the Italian mountaineering in the world and the arena where put inside the ascents, climbs and explorations that follow the ethics of “Alpine style” (style that gave the name to the magazine).

From 2015, after 27 issues print directly Ragni di Lecco in treaty with a local printer, the Alpine Studio House of Publishing has agreed to manage the magazine, and using its corporate structure and the contacts of its staff and its correspondents has decided to make it become a magazine “for the world”. An abitious project that has requested a particular structure, a new website, social networks, a Free English Version of each new issues (directly dowload from the website), leave to the italian readers the exclusive paper version (in italian).

On Alpine style write only mountaineers, worldwide. It is a way to not have filters, deformations or unnecessary assumption. Sometimes there is a little bit of negligence on the incredible evolution of the vertical world.

The commercial climbs on 8000 are still presented as big performance, but there is an extraordinary dimension that is often overlooked. Stile Alpino wants to know, with photographs and unpublished story, with the testimony of those who live his own life for the vertical world.

Thera are incredible mountaineers, young climbers and dreamers that carry out fantastic explorations and they khnow relate; and mountaineeres that go on the way of alpine style. Elusive summits and forget climbs that will be our privilege to relate.

We invite you to download it, browsed and read it; and if you like to help us. But above all we invite you to make it read to children, young people, to all the lovers of the mountain. And to those who might be keen.

It is never too late to try the adventure!


Correttore di bozze: Federico MagniPublisher: Andrea Gaddi
Editor-in-Chief: Federico Magni
Editorial Director: Giada Bruno
Assistant editorial: Ettore Dall’Orto
Fact checking: Andrea Gaddi
Website responsible: Dario Bontempi
Social Network: Andrea Gaddi, Dario Bontempi, Giada Bruno
Graphic departement: Alpine Studio
Sales management: Ettore Dall’Orto
Sales assistent: Danilo Villa
Translator: Lucia Prosino, Giulia Maggiari
Proofreaders: Federico Magni